Pretty much what this blog has been lacking as of late. So what's new?

Well, getting married for one I suppose. May's creeping up on me and Liz, and we're drudging through the planning of it all. Liz has been amazing handling the catering plans and the cards and stuff. I have to design some sort of website for us, and add gifts to our registry. I suppose these are things I could actually enjoy - letting my creativity flow and finding things for people to buy me - but I guess I've just been slacking on it. We still have a good deal of time to plan everything. The wedding itself will only be about 15 minutes worth of actual traditional consummations, the part where Liz and I say "I do." Everything else, well, lots of pirate garb and decorations, and a healthy helping of rum. Non-traditional is the best. I just can't wait to see Liz's dad dressed up as a pirate. He is totally stoked. Even Liz's brother is now a justice of the peace so he'll be the one marrying us.

Work's been crazy for me. I'm head-first into a ton of shell scripting, programming, web design, and image maintenance. It's a lot to handle, but I manage to keep it all under control for 45 hours a week. I manage to sneak in some fun every now and then, too. I'd probably go insane there if I didn't have a good crew of people around me.

Went to Boston last week for a much-needed vacation. Got to see some old faces, meet some new ones, and just have a real blast. Nearly everything was perfect for me there, I already want to go back. Not sure when/where my next vacation will be, it may not be until MAGfest at the end of the year. We'll see.

I was in Jersey a few weeks back, too. Apparently people still go to DDR tournaments, myself included. Of course labeling it an "old-school" tournament piqued my interest. 5th Mix was such a sight for sore eyes. Got to play Technika (which I am totally loving) and other various broken Bemani. But it's the Broken, what can ya expect. This trip also the first time I've been able to step foot in Jersey without anything going wrong. Traditionally if I have to drive or fly into the state something screws up along the way. I guess I got lucky this time.

I should probably try to update this more, but it's so much easier and convenient to micro-blog on Facebook and Twitter. Ah well.

to the script kiddie who learned how to spoof callid with asterisk by searching google:

- aubrey doesn't live at home anymore, and furthermore said home has been torn down. spoofing from that number is silly, at least use his current one. if you're trying to pin something on him you're doing a shitty job of it.

- i also don't live at home anymore. nor have i for about 9 months now. robo-calling my parents will only agitate them, not me. once again, at least use a current number.
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hipsterrunoff is quite possibly the most pointless blog i've ever laid my eyes on. the dude just rambles on about shit nobody really cares about but since he knows how to use bright colors and make homemade image macros i guess it makes him a cool guy.

then again the whole idea of being a "hipster" is all about appearance instead of substance


i'm finally home. it feels like i've lived at work for the past week.

i have about 36 hours before i have to go back. hopefully the majority of the kinks in the system will be worked out by then. i have to keep restarting xinetd because tftpd-hpa stops working when PXE booting. really annoying. i set a cron to just restart it every 5 minutes but either 5 minutes is too long to wait or the cron itself isn't working. or possibly it's breaking right when someone PXE boots. not sure yet. i have 2 hours to play with it monday morning before people come in.

tomorrow is father's day so i will spend some time at the parentals' house. i have to get homework done at some point too. and pick up liz at the train station at 12:30am monday.

i don't know where sleep is going to fit in to this. it's more of a luxury to me nowadays, it seems...
real me

what happens when i watch too much Daria.

i become even more of a narcissistic, sarcastic asshole, than i usually am. welcome to #edgeemu on popn.

<grey87suprat> does anyone even talk in here?
<sherl0k> office hours for any day ending in "y" are usually closed
<sherl0k> come back when the socialists have fully taken over and converted the calendar into one that respects the other 25 letters of the alphabet
<grey87suprat> i'm lost lol
<sherl0k> don't worry, it'll all be over soon
<grey87suprat> ok then
<sherl0k> just make sure to grab a copy of the communist manifesto on your way out
<grey87suprat> will do

Life: Now in HD.

Got a raise at work, to reward myself I bought a huge friggin TV. 42'' Panasonic plasma. 1080p resolution, plethrora of inputs, amazing sound. Only $700 since it was an open box model. There's only a few cosmetic issues but unless you're an inch from the TV there's really no way to tell. It's also missing the remote and manual, but I got myself a universal remote that works just fine, and the manual's online.

With an HDTV requires all these other little upgrades that I never thought of initially; component cables for the DVD player and the PS2 (yes I know I only need a PS2), HDMI cable for my laptop, and the aforementioned universal remote. Small purchases, all worth it. My DVD player is progressive-scan so movies look way better than with normal composite cables. Cannot wait for the HDMI cables to come in to watch all my awesome HD movies on the big screen.

An XBox 360 is the next thing on the list of things to buy. Considering getting a micro-ITX case and doing a little HTPC. I might score a digital receiver too, not sure yet. I wouldn't know where to put everything.

Hit up the outlet mall yesterday too; got some new Puma's. They're extremely comfortable, glad I picked them up.

Today I did homework then rearranged the living room to fit the TV in. It's a lot roomier in here now too, Liz and I got rid of a lot of stuff that was just taking up space. Everything's coming together here, minus a few things.

I'm pretty content with everything as of late, I can only hope the trend continues.