Chris (sherl0k) wrote,

Life: Now in HD.

Got a raise at work, to reward myself I bought a huge friggin TV. 42'' Panasonic plasma. 1080p resolution, plethrora of inputs, amazing sound. Only $700 since it was an open box model. There's only a few cosmetic issues but unless you're an inch from the TV there's really no way to tell. It's also missing the remote and manual, but I got myself a universal remote that works just fine, and the manual's online.

With an HDTV requires all these other little upgrades that I never thought of initially; component cables for the DVD player and the PS2 (yes I know I only need a PS2), HDMI cable for my laptop, and the aforementioned universal remote. Small purchases, all worth it. My DVD player is progressive-scan so movies look way better than with normal composite cables. Cannot wait for the HDMI cables to come in to watch all my awesome HD movies on the big screen.

An XBox 360 is the next thing on the list of things to buy. Considering getting a micro-ITX case and doing a little HTPC. I might score a digital receiver too, not sure yet. I wouldn't know where to put everything.

Hit up the outlet mall yesterday too; got some new Puma's. They're extremely comfortable, glad I picked them up.

Today I did homework then rearranged the living room to fit the TV in. It's a lot roomier in here now too, Liz and I got rid of a lot of stuff that was just taking up space. Everything's coming together here, minus a few things.

I'm pretty content with everything as of late, I can only hope the trend continues.

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