Chris (sherl0k) wrote,


i'm finally home. it feels like i've lived at work for the past week.

i have about 36 hours before i have to go back. hopefully the majority of the kinks in the system will be worked out by then. i have to keep restarting xinetd because tftpd-hpa stops working when PXE booting. really annoying. i set a cron to just restart it every 5 minutes but either 5 minutes is too long to wait or the cron itself isn't working. or possibly it's breaking right when someone PXE boots. not sure yet. i have 2 hours to play with it monday morning before people come in.

tomorrow is father's day so i will spend some time at the parentals' house. i have to get homework done at some point too. and pick up liz at the train station at 12:30am monday.

i don't know where sleep is going to fit in to this. it's more of a luxury to me nowadays, it seems...

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