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Pretty much what this blog has been lacking as of late. So what's new?

Well, getting married for one I suppose. May's creeping up on me and Liz, and we're drudging through the planning of it all. Liz has been amazing handling the catering plans and the cards and stuff. I have to design some sort of website for us, and add gifts to our registry. I suppose these are things I could actually enjoy - letting my creativity flow and finding things for people to buy me - but I guess I've just been slacking on it. We still have a good deal of time to plan everything. The wedding itself will only be about 15 minutes worth of actual traditional consummations, the part where Liz and I say "I do." Everything else, well, lots of pirate garb and decorations, and a healthy helping of rum. Non-traditional is the best. I just can't wait to see Liz's dad dressed up as a pirate. He is totally stoked. Even Liz's brother is now a justice of the peace so he'll be the one marrying us.

Work's been crazy for me. I'm head-first into a ton of shell scripting, programming, web design, and image maintenance. It's a lot to handle, but I manage to keep it all under control for 45 hours a week. I manage to sneak in some fun every now and then, too. I'd probably go insane there if I didn't have a good crew of people around me.

Went to Boston last week for a much-needed vacation. Got to see some old faces, meet some new ones, and just have a real blast. Nearly everything was perfect for me there, I already want to go back. Not sure when/where my next vacation will be, it may not be until MAGfest at the end of the year. We'll see.

I was in Jersey a few weeks back, too. Apparently people still go to DDR tournaments, myself included. Of course labeling it an "old-school" tournament piqued my interest. 5th Mix was such a sight for sore eyes. Got to play Technika (which I am totally loving) and other various broken Bemani. But it's the Broken, what can ya expect. This trip also the first time I've been able to step foot in Jersey without anything going wrong. Traditionally if I have to drive or fly into the state something screws up along the way. I guess I got lucky this time.

I should probably try to update this more, but it's so much easier and convenient to micro-blog on Facebook and Twitter. Ah well.

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